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Title: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
Post by: Gackt on November 18, 2012, 11:00:05 am
16 Geocaches, 4 miles. Park at  N 51 43.764 W 002 05.375 for the walk.

The walk starts and finishes at the Daneway pub where there is plenty of parking. Food is available. Dogs are welcome in the beer garden.

The walk is not suitable for buggies. Also, a stretch of the walk is alongside a canal which is deep in places, so take care with any young children or animals accompanying you.

Geocaches on route:
At the time of writing this walk, there are 16 caches on route set by 5 cache owners. 14 of them are traditional, 2 are multi. One of the caches is an old one, set in 2003.

The walk route:
Set out in a westerly direction from the pub and follow the path alongside the canal for approximately 3/4 of a mile. Cross the canal at Whitehall Bridge where there is a cache you can use as a waypoint, and then dogleg easterly and head uphill through the woods. When you get to an obvious t-junction in the path head west until you reach the road. There is another cache by an unmapped railway tunnel airshaft which you can use as waypoint to head towards, the road is a little further on from that.

Follow the road for about a 150m where you will enter the wood again on the south side of the road. The path heads south easterly through the woods. You will be walking along the route of a railway tunnel, sometimes directly above it. You will pass a couple more large brick airshafts, and you may get to hear a whoosh of air from them if a train passes underneath. As well as the airshafts, there is an old small abandoned building to look out for. You will cross a minor road on route. Continue on to where the railway tunnel opens up briefly, just before you get to a main road. You can use cache Middleton Hill to mark this as a waypoint.

Head north. You will now be on a byway. After about 600m you will reach a road. Take the road north east, and then bare left at the crossroads. You will be heading towards Sapperton Village walking along a stretch of the disused Sapperton canal tunnel. About 400m along this road take the minor road to the north, and then take a right to head into the centre of the village. After about 400m you will be at St Kenelms Church. Take the footpath alongside the churchyard and head east, you can use the oldest cache on this walk Zero Five as a waypoint, which will take you back towards the canal, and towards the north portal of the canal tunnel. Keeping on the path and heading east you will arrive back at your start point at the Daneway pub.

I have made a bookmark list of the caches on this route available HERE (
Title: Re: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
Post by: Gackt on February 10, 2013, 07:11:12 am
I have updated the bookmark list of caches for this walk, still the same link in the main walk post. There has been a slight change with one cache being archived, but another has taken it's place very nearby.

It was great to see a few people had walked the triangle yesterday.
Title: Re: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
Post by: Gackt on February 02, 2014, 02:08:41 pm
I have updated the bookmark list of caches for this walk again. The link to the bookmark list can be found still in the first post. One cache has been archived, so there are currently 15 caches on this walk.
Title: Re: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
Post by: Gackt on September 07, 2014, 10:42:26 pm
How does the saying go about curiosity? And did the cat meet its demise by drowning? Probably. But hey..

Found and investigated some newly found rock crevices in the general vicinity of the canal part of this walk recently. Including popping my head a little way into the Daneway portal of the Sapperton Canal Tunnel, which is located very close to the 'Zero Five' cache.. Its a lot less muddy than Hippos to enter :D

Other more important thing I wanted to note in this post was that the Daneway pub does seem to not be as open as it used to be. It does open, but do not go there expecting it to be open during the day. Visit on Saturday just past I found that they were not opening until 6.30pm.

All caches in the bookmark list are still active.
Title: Re: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
Post by: walktall on September 08, 2014, 12:48:22 am
Sounds interesting :)