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South Cerney Canal and Railway Walk
« on: November 27, 2012, 11:38:43 pm »
6 caches, 3.5 miles approx. Park at N 51 40.423 W 001 55.855 for the walk.

The parking coordinates are for the car park of The Old George Inn pub. If you don't intend to visit before or after the walk, there is usually room for a few cars along the main road near to the pub.

Geocaches on route:
At the time of writing, there are 6 caches on route, set by 2 cache owners. One is a premium members only cache. 2 are multi.

The walk route:

From the pub set off north over the bridge and then head east down the quiet lane called Bow-Wow. Here you will be walking along the banks of the River Churn. I say bank(s) because at the bridge you crossed before entering Bow-Wow the river is split into two, and this lane separates the two water courses.

After a few hundred metres you will get to a set of bridges. A stone bridge heads north, and a wooden footbridge heads south. Take the bridge heading north. From the bridge the footpath bares off to the left through a small metal gate. A bowling green will be to your left, and All Hallows Church will be immediately in front of you. From here head north over a stone stile and keep straight on the public footpath until you reach a bridged underpass of a disused railway. On route you will pass an impressive building called Edwards' College which despite the name is actually living premises.

From the railway underpass, head south east and follow the route of the disused railway until you reach the large bridge. To your right there are steps that lead up to the top of the bridge, take these, and once on top you will be back on Bow-Wow lane.

Head north east, over the bridge, and follow the lane for about 200 metres to where a well signposted footpath heads east and west from the road. Take the path east. You will be following the path of a disused canal for about a mile, along which there are three locks.

Just after the third lock the path you need to follow doglegs back west to your right. If after the third lock you reach the main road, you have missed the path you need to take. For about half a mile you will then walk through country setting. There are lakes and holiday homes to your left, though they are not that apparent for most of the way because of trees hiding them. Look out for wandering crayfish along here.

Once you reach a metal gate, pass through this where you will be at two bridges which cross the river. Here you have an option of either taking the largest bridge and following the quiet road west, or take the smaller foot bridge and follow the footpath that parallels the road (the official footpath ends after about quarter of a mile and rejoins the road). The road will lead you back into the village, but just before you enter the built up area once more, you will cross over another railway bridge, similar to the one which you encountered on Bow-Wow lane.

Now back in the village, continue west along Station Road which is lined with some very old houses. It can be fun to note some of the traditional names given to them along the way. When you reach the village cross with the old police house on your right, take the road north and you will shortly be back to the pub. In fact there is a choice of two pubs for you, one on either side of the road.

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