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Re: Sapperton Canal and Railway Walk
« on: September 07, 2014, 10:42:26 pm »
How does the saying go about curiosity? And did the cat meet itís demise by drowning? Probably. But hey..

Found and investigated some newly found rock crevices in the general vicinity of the canal part of this walk recently. Including popping my head a little way into the Daneway portal of the Sapperton Canal Tunnel, which is located very close to the 'Zero Five' cache.. Itís a lot less muddy than Hippos to enter :D

Other more important thing I wanted to note in this post was that the Daneway pub does seem to not be as open as it used to be. It does open, but do not go there expecting it to be open during the day. Visit on Saturday just past I found that they were not opening until 6.30pm.

All caches in the bookmark list are still active.


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