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Highlight of your caching summer
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:49:49 pm »
As we begin autumn, time for some reminiscence.

Most of us found plenty of caches, attended plenty of events etc this summer.

What was your highlight? Or, if you didn't do much caching, do you have another highlight to share? Just take a quick moment to let us know!

I have a few and will share one just for now. I had a really nice day in North Wales in early August, attending the maze which had some good interactive elements (it was my first maze, so all original for me) and Lab caches. We also found 5 fantastic Earthcaches that day, including one in a quarry where we literally spent an hour looking for fossils. The views from there were fantastic. We also completed a four mile circular walk that we plotted ourselves, taking in 11 caches. A long but very enjoyable day out  :)
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