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Re: Windows 10...
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:22:01 am »
Oh I knew about that   :D

Didn't think it was too major as they quickly removed the update (which was only bug fixes anyway) and released a new one within a few days  :)

Not being able to make a call and Touch ID not working due to the update - I call that very major :o
My point being, that it shouldn't have been released in the first place, no matter how many or few people were affected.

The v8.0.1 update also didn't fix the Wi-Fi and battery drain bugs but I believe there were work rounds to these while Apple continued to look for fixes.

This is the sort of thing you expect from MS not Apple. I hope Apple haven't lost their way, I think they have been a great benefit, pushing usability and styling forward :)
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