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Re: Windows 10...
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:55:53 pm »
Another gimmick from MS but they have jumped numbers before. I still prefer XP, Windows 8.1 can be really annoying, even with the Classic shell add on.

PS Looks like Apple is loosing it as well, reading the last few 'Ops!' from Apple :o

Yes, XP remains very steady and secure, 7 seems to be the next XP, it's the biggest  OS in the world.

Love how you've described it as a "gimmick"  ;D

And is that a reference to the bending iPhones? The press have blown it out of proportion, only nine genuine cases have been found worldwide and each replaced with a new problem-less iPhone  :) Also, the HTC M8 bends far more easily than the iPhones   :D

The reason for the bending in Apple's case? They were hoping to introduce a new generation of glass, difficult to break with even a hammer, which would have strengthened the structure and erased any issues. However, they didn't have enough 'resources' for it to go in to mass production this year, so they let it go ahead with the regular glass and thin (6.9mm) aluminum (soft metal) case = risk of bending. I reckon they'll do something in the next few weeks to strengthen the design before they continue to manufacture more with this fault  :D
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