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Re: What's on TV
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:12:58 am »
The most recent programs I have had the chance to watch and have enjoyed have been:
  • The new series of Big Bang Theory - Although I am behind on this already.
  • Underground Britain - Got to see the first episode and the latest one. I wonder if Box Quarry will feature in a future episode?
  • Gotham - A Batman spin-off / prequel. Missed the 4th episode though because of work.

Not showing on TV currently that I know of, but something else I am watching (actually re-watching) is Death Note. It is an animated crime / thriller / fantasy themed series, with a continuously twisting clever story line. Although animated it is definitely not for young children. I watched it many years ago and came across it again quite recently and been going back through it about half an episode at a time. I am on Ep24 of 37, so quite a few 10 minutes sessions to go still.


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