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Re: What's on TV
« on: January 18, 2014, 10:02:15 am »
An update on my latest TV watching.. well, not a lot has changed :D The new series of Big Bang Theory is showing on E4 currently on Thursdays, so am watching that.

A new american comedy series started this week straight after Big Bang, called Brooklyn Nine Nine, it was actually quite funny. I find US comedies quite often don't do it for me. Although half of me is american I still don't get some of their style of humour, like many of them do not seem to understand ours. After Brooklyn on the same channel they showed another comedy series 2 Broke Girls, after a few minutes I just had to turn off as I was just not getting any laughs.. I knew when it was supposed to be funny because of canned laughter, but I just didn't get it  :P

Not a lot of time for movies lately. I have been given a few by my brother for Christmas on DVD to get through sometime. One was 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' which I have watched on two sittings yesterday and today as not enough time for a whole movie in one go. It was absolutely ludicrous, but a good fun action horror at the same time.


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