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Re: Too much adverts
« on: September 29, 2013, 05:27:47 pm »
I love how on CC Neil has been able to choose which sorts of adverts are shown - more discrete ones... There's no such option here, and many of these are distracting as they move  :(
With the other forum I cannot choose what are in the adverts, but there are a few options as to the style of advert shown, and with a bit of tailoring where they are shown.

I am running a block plugin on my browser at home and so I didn't notice them to you pointed them out and I turned off to see. At work I have no control over what plugins or extra software I can use on my PC and so I have adds there. I have got use to them on sites I visit. Yes it would be nice to have no adds, but there is little in life that is completely free, and the hosting sites need to pay their way somehow.


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