Author Topic: MS Windows sync - RANT warning!  (Read 102 times)

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Re: MS Windows sync - RANT warning!
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:11:41 pm »
Oh, I didn't know that  :o
Looks like they're superstitious  :D.

Also noticed while looking into the replication issue, that others were talking about being force by other providers to put more data into the Cloud. It has real benefits and I do use Cloud storage but they shouldn't force customers to use the Cloud, as what seems to be happening :( There are those who will never use the Cloud, either because: they don't feel the need, just getting to complicated, cost or security.

I've decided with another issue, Memory Map works perfectly on Windows v8.1 but does not work at all on mobile Windows v8.1, to send the mobile back and get a refund :(

Looks like I'll be getting an Android mobile or just stick with my old mobile and hope it lasts a bit longer (it's started to play up) ::)

Yes I agree with all of that, Cloud storage is good but it shouldn't be forced!!

I wonder why it doesn't work on both? I think Windows 10 will rectify that, if I remember correctly it'll be one OS across all devices, whereas with Windows 8 I think there are slight differences between mobile and desktop? You probably made the right decision anyway  :)
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