Do you think the contents of a geocache (i.e. SWAG) is important?

Yes - and I often trade SWAG
Yes - but I never/very rarely trade SWAG
No - I just want to find it and sign the log

Author Topic: Weekly poll  (Read 15587 times)

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Re: Weekly poll
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:24:41 pm »
How time passes! Another week has been and gone, and ALL OF THEM,  how can you pick? Every event is great! was voted by YOU as the best type of Geocaching event! You just wanna go to any of them, and enjoy all of them  ;D (like me) So....

Poll #6 is up  ;D ;D ;D

Still no twist  :D Yet another week for you all to wait  :o (you must really want to know what it is now!)  ::)

While you're waiting, get voting on What size cache do you enjoy finding?

Get voting, another poll coming next Thursday and *maybe* that twist!
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