Do you think the contents of a geocache (i.e. SWAG) is important?

Yes - and I often trade SWAG
Yes - but I never/very rarely trade SWAG
No - I just want to find it and sign the log

Author Topic: Weekly poll  (Read 13553 times)

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Re: Weekly poll
« Reply #315 on: April 10, 2016, 09:32:54 am »
Time for a new poll and the first of 2016 - where does the time go?  ::)

What's your longest time period between first attempting a cache and finally signing the logbook?

Vote and post your opinion below!

Results of the last one: Should reviewers follow set rules and not guidelines, in order to avoid any subjectivity?

Yes! Some guidelines are subjective and so there is inconsistency amongst reviewers - 75%
No! The guidelines are fine and they work as they are - 25%
I'm not bothered either way - 0%

- WT/TJ feel free to update the poll as/when you wish, and if any of you have any ideas just let us know!
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