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General Caching / Re: Most difficult cache you've tried to/ have found?
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:04:50 pm »
First went up to Kirkcudbright with a girlfriend with the intention of caching. Warmed up with Auchencairn Amble 4D/3T. The cliff side path freaked her, and she took an inland route. The ultimate gaol of the trip was to get onto Hestan Island 5D/5T, but the tide needed to be out.

We got up early and drove round to the given parking. Walked for nearly two hours to see tide was still covering The Rack causeway, our route on to the Island and the prize. Not a low enough tide. To get to the water's edge we had to scramble down through scrub across rocks on to coastal mud. Not that day.

Returned in June, on my own with a kayak and paddled out from Balcary Bay at high water. Hopefully the currents would be slack and the estimated 40 minute crossing would be unaffected by the tide coming in. Cache found. Log signed. Photos taken for Waymarking and logs.

Now for the return crossing before tide ebbed and sucked me out to Isle of Man. Slight choppy sea decreased as I got nearer launch point and under shelter of the land.

As I loaded kayak back on my car, families were playing at the water's edge. Little did they know where I had just been and done.

Further finders all had an adventure getting on to the island. I returned with itschopper when the tide was out and walked across the Rack causeway, which is a mussel bed.

Out of area / Glen Trool, Merrick, Dumfries and Galloway
« on: October 30, 2012, 04:00:36 pm »
There is a great day in the hills to be achieved by finding the GCs along the route from the parking in Glen Trool over Benyellary over Merrick back to Glen Trool. Since finding these old GCs, new ones have appeared.

Start by parking near Bruce's Stone GC, head up the path towards Culsharg Bothy, before ascending on to the summit of Benyellary and GC. Cross the ridge to trig pillar on top of Merrick, your high point. Now drop down to Grey Man of Merrick Earthcache by going west to avoid crags.

Once EC found and recorded, pick up Buchan Burn to forest track back to parking.

Or for a really big day out, after Merrick EC, find Loch Neldricken GC and Loch View GC before returning towards parking via View of Glen Trool GC.

Big day on the hill. Wear midge repellent sunscreen.

Out of area / Langstrath Valley in Borrowdale, Cumbria
« on: October 30, 2012, 02:57:49 pm »
This is a series of caches along the beautiful Langstrath Valley in Borrowdale. All 20 can be found in one long walk. Or a shorter walk of 1 to 4 and 15 to 20. The shorter loop has trickier hides, whereas the further GCs are more straight forward. The return leg is shared with the long distance path, the Cumbria Way.

Parking is available in Stonethwaite at the red phone kiosk for a few cars. Otherwise use verge side parking on approach road, between road end and hamlet. Might be a cafe or pub open, depends on time of year. Nearby camp sites all in awesome settings.

Excellent walk amongst the Lakeland Fells without climbing high.

Out of area / Kentmere Valley, Cumbria
« on: October 30, 2012, 02:43:43 pm »
This route can be a mountain bike ride or a walk. There are three cache and dash GCs potentially.
Le Tour series takes you on the classic MTB ride round Lower Kentmere valley. Whether finding these on foot or with hindrance of a bike, park in Staveley, in order to visit Wilf's Cafe afterwards. Plenty of free parking throughout the village.

Route can be shortened and GCs found in any order. After #6 could return along valley bottom via Kentmere. Lake View. Leaving #7 - #9 for another day.
Another place to park would be near the entrance to mineral works and Kentmere Pottery. Marked as Wks and Sawmill Cottage on the map.
The whole route is a long day after 15+ caches.

Out of area / Stones & Stumps in the Lowther Valley, Cumbria
« on: October 30, 2012, 12:58:15 pm »
The Stones & Stumps series by martlakes are 18 GCs spread out on either of the M6 motorway between Clifton and Hackthorpe. All 18 can be found in one gargantuan walk, but I cut it down to several smaller walks to fit the time available with TIGG. None can be found as cache and dash. All have to be walked to.

We did #4- #10 as one loop. Parking in Hackthorpe. Now there are extra GCs to find in Lowther Park.

Another loop starts at the superb cafe at Melkinthorpe garden centre. This cafe is to die for. Gluten free chocolate cake. Yumm. Not your usual garden centre as it is in several food guides. Visit S&S #14, #13, #12, #11 and We All Scream Tarmac can be avoided by taking muddy paths across fields.

Final loop. Parked in Clifton. found S&S #18, #17, #16, #15 and the Last Battlefield in England. Nearly all on paths.

To complete the series, parked in Clifton and walked there and back past S&S #1, #2, #3 and Castle View GC and Stumped by the River GC.

Make your own route up but above makes the series bite size.

Out of area / Damson Valley Lyth Amble, Cumbria
« on: October 30, 2012, 12:44:44 pm »
DVLA series in Lyth Valley, Cumbria is a cracking walk. When placed, route was not over grown. If attempted during prolific growing season, many hides will be difficult to find. 9 caches on route. Can be started any where along route.

Out of area / Arnside Knott, Cumbria
« on: October 30, 2012, 12:21:05 pm »
For International Earthcache Day, went over Arnside Knott with fellow cacher TIGG, a low limestone hill overlooking Morecambe Bay. Started by arriving in time to see the tidal bore racing in for Kent Estuary Tidal Bore EC. Parked for free on the promenade, thus guaranteeing no uphill to the finish. With Tigg then walked up past the Beach Walk cafe towards Arnside YHA and on to the tarmac, Red Hills Road. Shortly, turned off that road to ascend Knott Lane in order to get on to the path to the woods covering the Knott. Short road section. Once on summit did the necessary to claim the Arnside Knott EC. We had already found the Arnside Knott GC of same name. Awesome views of Morecambe Bay filled with water. Dropped off the summit to Arnside Tower GC  through woods. Plenty of people out in popular walking area.

From Arnside Tower, a ruined pele tower, headed south west to a caravan park. In the grounds look out for path heading off north west across fields. Easily missed. Stay on well used footpath across fields to an impressive stone wall and tarmac road. Cross the road and walk down to yet another caravan park, Holgates. If tide is not high, you might be able to find ramp down on to the beach and What we did on our holidays GC.
From caravan park, take the path west around edge of the bay through old oak woodland and birch scrub. Eventually finding baywatch GC, after many path choices. All of them okay.
You  could continue round the edge of the bay, but we cut across to New Barns bay, though a third caravan park. At the entrance to this third caravan park is a shop and cafe with outside seating, selling ice creams.

From New Barns bay, headed up New Barns road to rejoin our earlier route at the junction of Red hills Road and Knott Lane. Retraced our steps towards YHA, down narrow path to Beach Walk cafe, mentioned earlier for a cup of tea and cake.
5+ miles in  3-4 hours with awesome views. 6 cache potential

Out of area / Recent in Cumbria
« on: September 04, 2012, 02:25:32 pm »
had a really good walk on Sunbiggin Stroll series. chose those as not too puzzling and right length for accompanying participants.

That was week after Hincaster Trail series. overgrown trax.

Need to find Hill & Dales before Slateman archives the series.

All in Cumbria.

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