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General Caching / New Sapperton 5/5s
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:39:09 am »
You may have noticed a few of these popping up the last couple of days if you are local, a couple were published just last night and so as I am writing the FTFs are still available. I am not racing to claim them. A couple require rope work of great height / depths, don't have enough equipment for those at the moment, and my vertigo kicks in at shear drops of just a couple of metres sometimes now any way. But just a few tips for non-local people if they are looking to attempt a couple of them:

Sapperton Canal, Danesway - This one shows the 'may require wading' attribute. Having explored from this end a couple of times, be aware that depending on the time of year, and weather, a floating craft may need to be utilised to get to the fall. On one visit I couldn't get very far by wading.

Also note that this end used to be gated up as per the tunnel house end, the gates were flat down in the water just inside the entrance on my last visit. I tried to get permission for a cache here myself a while back, but failed. Hopefully the CO has gotten proper permission, but if not then be aware of possible civil trespass.

Shafted! - Don't know if you need to climb down the shaft at the posted coords. If so, intrigued if it goes right to the bottom as that would go down to the railway line wouldn't it? Hopefully there's a clue somewhere at the posted coords that direct you to another of the 'canal' air shafts.

Cotswold Caching / Painted Rocks
« on: September 23, 2018, 06:49:46 pm »
Painted Rocks

There's a new craze, or at least a relatively new craze compared to Geocaching, called Painted Rocks.

What is it? Simply... people are painting small rocks and hiding them for other people to find. When you find one all you have to do is; take a photo if you want, and then re-hide for others to find.

Very similar to Geocaching. Even more similar to caching sites like Opencaching and Terracaching that have "movable" caches. What this activity does not have though is a central base (website) to log your finds. Usually, on the back of the rock there will be a message of where you should log your find, or what you should do with the rock. Most of the finds, or the logging of photographs of your finds are directed to various Facebook groups.

We have found 10 painted rocks to date. Now when I say "we", I actually mean my daughter Chloe who has found them all except one, and my son James who has found the "except one", I haven’t found any  :P

In addition to what I have written above, when I say "found", I should say "stumbled across" as, as I have already written, there is no central database of these hidden rocks... they are just out there somewhere.

I first heard about this new activity in September last year, but didn't actually see one of these until August of this year whilst I was on holiday in north Wales. My daughter found one, and James found another. We (Chloe) has subsequently found a number more, including the one with poppies above near Cirencester Amphitheatre today.

We re-hid (re-placed) one whilst we where still up in north Wales, which was also picked up by someone before we left the area (we checked on it), and brought one home to re-hide as it was placed to highlight dementia, my better half works in a dementia care home so thought it would be a good place to re-hide near.

Always up for new ways of getting young people off their butts and outdoors enjoying themselves, and this activity ticks that box.

So, has anyone else found one of these painted rocks? Where did you find them? Were they in or near a cache? (This was asked this on a recent #UKCacheHour) Have you painted any and hidden any yourself?

Cotswold Caching / Locationless Caches
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:04:54 pm »
Locationless Caches

Terracaching LC - Coordinate Palindromes

What is a Locationless Cache?
A Locationless Cache (LC), typically challenges you to find a particular object and log your find by posting the coordinates.

Some LCs require you do a little more to claim your find, for example post a photograph of yourself, or of your GPSr, at the location to help prove you physically visited the location.

To add an extra element of difficulty to obtain a find, some COs include an additional twist to the 'little extra'. An example could be "Find a street sign with a colour in the name, e.g. Caches Green. Take a photo of yourself by the street sign wearing an item of clothing of the same colour." ...some include much harder challenges.

What I like about Locationless Caches
I was a relatively latecomer to Geocaching, discovering the activity ten years to the month after the first ever one was placed. As with many people, after just a few finds it became vey addictive. Every time that I found myself visiting an out of town location I would look up Geocaches to hunt down.

After a few months of playing this game I began to learn of other geocaching hosting sites, some of which hosted related games, for example Some had LCs listed, and this became an additional work lunchtime activity for me when there were no new physical caches close by to hunt down.

LCs, as Geocaching did near the start for me, now form part of my way of life. If I am visiting a new area I will check the listings to see if I can grab a find that I ordinarily would not be able to near home. I am also mindful of the vast amount of listings I have perused, and have a different way of looking at my surroundings to see if I can spot criteria for logging an LC whilst out and about my normal daily life. Like Geocaching, Locationless Caching has taken me to places, shown me things, and made me do things I would maybe of never have seen or done, otherwise.

Terracaching LC - Have you hugged your body artist lately?

Where can I find Locationless Caches to go hunt?
LCs have not been a type of cache available on for many years. You will need look at other hosting sites to join in this fun activity. Here are a few: – Groundspeak’s site dedicated just to LCs. You can log in using your existing account. – Over 1000 active and mostly unique LCs available to hunt, as well as other hosted cache types like Traditionals and Cybers. They a have points systems to add an additional element of fun and to help keep general quality high, and leaderboards. – Australia’s own all-in-one cache listing site, but available to the world to play. In amongst its plethora of hosted cache types are hundreds of LCs of varying quality.

Want to try finding a Locationless Cache right now?
We have one hosted right HERE, so you can start straight away without leaving this site  :)

If you haven't tried Locationless Caching before, I recommend you do give it a try. Let us know how you get on below :)

Have fun!
V Gackt V

GPS Games / LC01 – Pun intended
« on: July 07, 2018, 01:38:08 pm »
LC01 – Pun intended

For this simple Locationless Cache you are required to find a sign that uses a play on words to humorous effect.

The sign could be the name of a business, a street, or maybe an order or warning. You can use a sign located anywhere except from inside your own home.

To post a "found it" log here, start your log with FOUND. Post the coordinates of the sign, and a photo of it with your GPSr in shot. Example...

You may use old photos if you have one that meets the criteria. You may log as many finds as you like, but only one find per sign/location.

Cotswold Caching / Highlight Geocaches on alternative listing sites
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:50:26 pm »
This thread is for everyone to bring to other’s attention Geocaches that have been placed on listing sites other than They could be ones you have recently found, enjoyed and want to let other cachers know about. Or could be ones you have seen published that look interesting, or would like to pair up with others to go find. Or, even promote your own alternative cache listings if you are proud of them and want others to know they are there… whilst on Groundspeak’s original geocaching forum it is frowned upon and deemed unnecessary to promote your own caches, alternative listed caches need a helping hand to get them noticed and so go head, it’s fine to do so right here.

Here’s a few examples to get started, you may have to log in to the listing sites to see the listings:

Hidden by SoccerFanatics

A traditional type cache hidden in the decaying remains of RAF Chedworth. Lots of old interesting buildings around including some intact air raid shelters.

A couple of mine that have yet to get a FTF yet:

Take A Drink

A resurrected Challenge on Crickley Hill, anyone remember those? Originally set by walk tall I think, this is now a Virtual Cache on the Australian Geocaching listing site.

Manic Miner

Do you dare to go retrieve Miner Willy’s lunch box for him?

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Directional hint
[ Guests cannot view attachments ]
...cache is not in the area you might think, it's not even in the same county as the Below Aboves ;)

Cotswold Caching / Welcome to the new home of Cotswold Caching
« on: June 17, 2018, 09:48:16 am »
Welcome to the new home of Cotswold Caching

I started the original forum in 2012 when I was most actively partaking in Geocaching and getting into other types of caching. The group grew steadily over the next couple of years, mostly with members from in or near the Cotswolds, but also attracting some from much further away due to the cache discussions on the board. A number of Cotswold Caching events took place locally hosted by members, some in lovely Cotswold pubs, otheres in or near interesting and terrain 5 locations.

Over the past couple of years a lot of my limited spare time has been taken up with other projects, and the administration of the old forum has been neglected. I have steadily continued to TerraCache, but with more time returning to me now I am keen to get back into caching of all types and help promote them again. What I do not have time for, is to administer a board, or fix up the old one, that is where this new home comes in.

CacheWalker is an established caching forum, and was even way before Cotswold Caching was started. Many members here are local to the Cotswolds, and as a number were members at Cotswold Caching too it made sense to put them together.

I intend this new Cotswold Caching to be primarily a section to promote quality Geocaching in all its forms and other GPS based games. If original members wanted to arrange Cotswold Caching specific events, this would be the place to do that too. All other general discussions about Geocaching, walks, and off topic discussions should take place in the relevant sections of the main CacheWalker board.

Thank you,
Neal (Gackt)

CacheWalker Help & Info / Email notifications
« on: July 11, 2015, 09:43:34 am »
I have email notifications come through for a few topics, the 'CacheWalker SuperBike Challenge 2015' is one thread. The email that came through a short time ago after Griff Grof posted on the thread was worded a bit weirdly. See attached.

Off Topic / Winchcombe Cotswolds Walking Festival 2015
« on: February 11, 2015, 08:31:01 am »

Anyone here taking part in any of these walks. Some of them do look fun.

A family passing through Ashley County alerted law enforcement on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 31, after discovering a geocache container inside the Morris Pine on Hwy. 425 south of Hamburg that was mistaken for  a pipe bomb...
Family Mistakes Geocache Inside the Morris Pine as Possible Pipe Bomb

There is one particular thing that could of been done by the CO of this cache that could of avoided all of this. Can you guess what I am thinking of?

General Caching / Thamas - Splash and Cache
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:58:14 am »
Thamas - Splash and Cache

@walktall, noticed you have taken a gander at this one. Assuming the cache is still there, do you think there is the possibility to get down to it with rope or ladder?

General Caching / GeoCheck hacked!
« on: January 31, 2015, 12:05:29 am »
Also posted on CC, but posting here too so there is full awareness...

Use for your puzzle caches?  You should be aware that the site has been hacked and all hides compromised.

Caching Events / Splash Mob 2015 (past event)
« on: January 21, 2015, 05:52:00 am »
Any thoughts yet if there will be one, and if it will be held on the day for If one will be on that day, what would be the most likely time of day?

I am thinking of hosting my first flash mob this year on that day for CC, and so obviously do not want the times to clash, especially as I love to attend the CW splash mobs myself.

Trackables / GAGB Photography Competition
« on: October 11, 2014, 08:37:16 am »
GAGB Photography Competition

Each year, the GAGB intends to produce a new geocoin depicting a location of significance or distinction within one of Britain's National Parks. Members of GAGB are invited to submit pictures to be judged for the following year's geocoin design.

Off Topic / New invisibility cloak device can hide almost anything
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:37:03 pm »
New invisibility cloak device can hide almost anything

*New cache ideas forming* But will wait till the cost comes down a bit  ;D

General Caching / Geocaching Wikipedia
« on: August 31, 2014, 11:53:03 pm »
Difference between revisions

No I don't need a psychological evaluation. It wasn't me, honest.

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