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Title: Award WINNERS
Post by: Site Admin on December 30, 2013, 03:37:54 pm
CacheWalker Forum Awards 2013
It's time for the results*...

With +5 Karma for each award won, and a special forum rank, congratulations to...

Member of the Year 2013: Griff Grof (41.8% of the vote)
Most Interesting Geocaching Thread: Has the GPS receiver seen its day? by Griff Grof AND How did you first find out about Geocaching? By Wacky races (35.29% each of the vote)
Best Off-Topic Thread: Where in the World, tarmacjohn (46.67% of the vote)

Geophotographer 2013 (Most correct Where in the World guesses): tarmacjohn (with 4 correct guesses).

Well done everyone, not that much interest in the awards this year (17 votes cast on the ballot), however, the awards WILL be back next year, but with a different format and different categories to create more excitement - a teaser, they will be more CacheWalker awards, rather than CacheWalker Forum Awards.  :)

*We decided not to announce these at Twixmas as people were getting tired  :D