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Title: My Geocaching Blog
Post by: Griff Grof on November 19, 2013, 07:05:26 pm
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted on my blog ( since last year!! For those who did follow my blog, I feel that I should begin by explaining myself: I was concerned by some strange traffic sources, so decided to take a break from blogging until they stopped directing to my blog. But they're still listed as top traffic sources - does anyone know how on earth these are directing to my blog, they are from countries other than the UK?!

Anyway, I've concluded that my blog has been neglected for far too long, and so I've been spending the last couple of days updating it with all my notable caching trips from the year so far - have made nine new posts, to be precise. In addition, I've decided to give my blog a bit of an facelift: Now you can subscribe by email to save a visit to the site, and I've made various interface changes, including increasing the blog width. I'll be adding more to it as the weeks go on.

From now on, despite the odd traffic sources, I will be posting a lot more frequently. Not only with reviews of my caching experiences, as usual, but with more resources and caching opinion, plus anything else caching-related which pops in to my head: as a consequence, I hope my blog will be seen as more useful, as well as interesting (as I hope it has been before!  :D )

I'd be very grateful if you could take a look, and even subscribe  ;) - Click this link to visit my blog ( -  :)