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Title: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
Post by: Gackt on September 02, 2013, 07:59:31 am (

It is a shame that Groundspeak ban the word and any talk about the other game completely on their forums. I can understand that it is a competitor of a sort, but if they really think the game is that much of a threat to theirs maybe they should take a look at their own operations and see how they can improve themselves.

That aside, I did not even get to post on the thread above before it got locked, and really thought there was more constructive discussion to be had on the topic. If one game is directly affecting the other because of placements then I feel both games should be able to discussed on the individual company forums, they are not helping themselves by not. Thankfully there are forums where both games can be discussed :)

I feel that if you play both games and want to stick a munzee in one of your own caches, then go ahead. But don't go sticking them in other peoples caches, especially without asking the cache owners first. I would be very upset to spend time creating a complex puzzle, or multi, for someone to go place a munzee in the final and give the location away to all.

With munzees in on the increase, has anyone else found any placed in their caches? What have you done / what would you do, if you find one placed in one of yours?
Title: Re: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
Post by: walktall on September 02, 2013, 10:10:17 am
Groundspeak always seem touchy about anything not Groundspeak :o

I think they are missing a trick here, as I wonder how many people may have joined geocaching but didn't due to the Groundspeak police.

Not seen any Munzees in my caches and would remove them if I hadn't been asked first.
Title: Re: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
Post by: Griff Grof on September 02, 2013, 12:05:55 pm
Oh, Groundspeak  ::)
Title: Re: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
Post by: Bear and Ragged on September 02, 2013, 11:08:55 pm
I Munzee.

If I found one in my cache I'd remove it, and use my phone to mark it "Unable to Locate" (the Munzee equivalent of DNF/Needs Maintenance)!

Two UTL's mark a Munzee as needing maintenance, and then gets an automatic time limit before it's archived, unless the owner carries out maintenance.

How ever, as I'm Bear and Ragged on both sites...
It may be a little obvious to the Munzee owner I may have something to do with it not being there!.  :o
Title: Re: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
Post by: Gackt on September 03, 2013, 10:51:15 pm
I munzee too, but very very little. I have only a few captures and still am on level 1, so that shows you how little I have done. I have a few social captures too. Other than that I have not read through all documentation for the game, so thank you Bear and Ragged for explaining the UTL function and how it can be used.

I am Gackt on any location based games I play, so I would have the same problem, but it wouldn't faze me to do if I believed I was in the right. That said, I haven't seen any munzees placed in other peoples caches yet. I have seen one in an opencaching cache, but both the cache and the munzee were owned by the same person, so no problems there.

It's probably a very low possibility that I will come across this situation. I have kept the munzee app on my phone for times when I might find myself somewhere with no caches, just so I can look to see if there is something else I can look for. I haven't been inspired by any munzee hides yet. Certainly not the latest little bunch that has just been placed in my home town of Cirencester. The only good thing I can see about those new ones is that if I do choose to do them I can piggyback off the Little Chef free wifi instead of using some of contracted data  :D