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Title: Please read: CacheWalker Forum Awards 2012
Post by: Site Admin on December 13, 2012, 08:01:30 pm
Welcome to the CacheWalker Forum Awards 2012! ;D You're in the right place to find out about the CacheWalker Forum Awards 2012 - taking place by member demand  :)!

There will be four awards up for grabs. These are:


Two of these topics need nominations - these are the top two  :) Just click on them to be taken to their thread to nominate  :) (more info on nomination rules on their respective threads) The other two awards already have winners, and these will be announced after Friday December 14th  :)

If you're lucky enough to win "Member of the Year", you might be lucky enough to receive a small prize at our CacheWalker Twixmas Bash  ;D If you win one of the other three awards, you will win an "On-the-site only" award - you'll have to wait until the voting process is all over to find out quite what this is - but it will could include a special rank and +5 Karma  ;D

The Nomination and Voting process
This is one of the most important parts! Here is how everything is going to work:

Friday 14th December - Nominations for 'Member of the Year' and 'Most Interesting Thread' OPEN
Tuesday 18th December - Nominations CLOSE
Wednesday 19th December - Voting OPENS (This will NOT be a poll on the forum. More info on Tuesday!!)
Friday 21st December - Voting CLOSES

More info on Friday on when you will find out the results  :o  :)

Final note
That's the basic information you need. All that I have left to say is get nominating!  ;D And then voting!  ;D In one week from now it will all be wrapping up. Remember you can keep suggesting and discussing in the CFA thread in "Members Only"  :)

The point behind these awards are to promote excellence in the forum, and remind us of the great online CacheWalker community we have  :)

Tomorrow all nomination threads, currently locked, will open  ;D[/list][/list]