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Title: Any good series'?
Post by: Griff Grof on August 24, 2012, 07:25:53 pm
Well, I've sort of been out of the loop of caches in the CacheWalker area recently, with my break etc, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a series no more than 8 miles, that you've enjoyed, in the area... Number of caches doesn't matter.

Hoping to do it in the next couple of days, I quite fancy doing another Wrighty walk, any suggestions? (again  :) ;D)

Hope you can all help, really feel like a proper walk in the nearer area, not just for now but for the near future too.
Title: Re: Any good series'?
Post by: Bear and Ragged on August 24, 2012, 08:36:55 pm
Might be a little out of your area... Depends on how far you want to travel.

Take a look at caches by Marrow Bone.
I've done a few of his as cache and dash, but have a good idea of the areas he has hidden in, and they are worth a walk.
He does set a series of caches with a named theme, and says in the description how far the walk is.

(I reported a Needs Maintenance on one of his caches, and he fixed it within days!)

Marrow Bone link (
Title: Re: Any good series'?
Post by: walktall on August 24, 2012, 09:57:33 pm
I concur with what Bear and Ragged says, having done one of his loops :D
Title: Re: Any good series'?
Post by: tarmacjohn on August 26, 2012, 06:52:44 pm
I can now highly recommend the 2 series we did today. They were the GF series and the ECC series about 10 miles NW of Evesham. The 1st one was about 4.5 miles with some really crafty hides and the 2nd one was about 6.5 miles with pretty straightforward hides. Both are nice and flat with some wonderful countryside to enjoy