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Got a question about CacheWalker? Perhaps it's answered here; the answers are packed with more information about us, additional to the About Page. If your wondering is not addressed here, ask us on our Help & Info board.

What is 'Geocaching'? 

Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you. There are more than 2 million active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide. Check out this very useful Geocaching 101 for all the finer details! There are also some great help resources on the GAGB's website.

What is CacheWalker, and who are the people involved? 

Sounds like you better check out our About page; there's also information about the CacheWalkers running this site on the Site Team page. 

What area does CacheWalker cover?

UK Map

Most of our members are located in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, therefore this is where our events are normally held and where most shared walks are located. This area is indicated on the UK county map, left. However, we encourage you to join us wherever you are...

Can I still join CacheWalker and post if I am out of this area?

YES! Please DO join in the discussion wherever you're located. We aren't strictly a regional forum - we currently have members in Spain, the United States, Portugal and Australia! You should definitely join us if you enjoy geocaching and walking - your location shouldn't restrict you chatting with us as you otherwise would at an event, nor should it prevent a distant (or not-so-distant) walk being shared - after all, we do travel! So, REGISTER today! 

How did CacheWalker start up? Who was behind it? 

We've also got this covered in great detail on our About page! 

When is the next CacheWalker event or get-together?Group Walk - where's the cache? 

Our homepage will always note our next event once it's official. You can view a list of all proposed (and official) events and outings here, with links to their discussion threads, allowing you to find out more and contribute ideas! Of course, you can use this list to decide when you could hold your own event

My URL bar only ever displays '' whilst on here - why if we are 

Good question! At the moment our domain is only redirecting to us - therefore you can visit the site via the default domain, or our own - we may fully adopt in the future.

I've read terms such as 'ABH' and 'CWSBC'... what do these mean? 

ABH stands for Another Bloomin' Hill - a term coined by Bikermel76 whilst tackling a Wrighty cache on top of of a hill. CWSBC is our Travel Bug race - it stands for CacheWalker's SuperBike Challenge. In 2014 it transformed in to the CWFC, aka CacheWalker's Footballer Challenge, to coincide with the FIFA World Cup. Similarly, in 2016 the race was called CWRTR - CacheWalker Race to Rio, to celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero. You can view a list of acronyms on our site by clicking here: (Visit Link)

Is there a mobile version of the forum to make access from my phone easier?

There sure is! A mobile version launched not too long ago - check it out by clicking here! Our forum can also be accessed via the Tapatalk app (search CacheWalker or CacheWalker forum). If you own an Apple iOS device you can add us directly to your home screen - simply follow these instructions

There's a Facebook Group for CacheWalker - should I use the group or the forum? 

We do have a Facebook Group. lt was initially set up as a trial to see whether it would impact the discussion on the forum. The group has remained quiet, with a low number of members and not many posts. As of late 2016, the group has been promoted more - time well tell whether it becomes more active.  

The idea of the Facebook Group was to allow CacheWalker to reach out to more cachers. This way our events, walks, outings and discussion can be shared with more people who may be interested in them. The group should be used for brief discussion, and our forum should be seen as the hub for all discussion and news.

Therefore, you should consider using both the group and the forum. As of January 2017, the forum remains more active, so if you'd rather opt for one that's probably your best bet!

Why isn't my question answered here? 

We will be adding other FAQ to this page as they come to mind/as we get them at or on our Help & Info board. 

This page was last updated in January 2017


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