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1) Cotswold cottages:

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2) Walking with a view:

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3) Basic banner:

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Check here soon for some more brilliant resources, possibly including some more CacheWalker promotional banners to place on your website, cache pages or anywhere else! 


External links 

CC GAGB Image used with permission of Groundspeak. Opencaching UK Terracaching mapRoute 

Cotswold forum for cachers in the Cotswolds, with members further South in to Wiltshire. Now for viewing purposes only. 

GAGB is the leading UK Geocaching body, supporting the hobby and agreeing terms with landowners since 2003. is the biggest listing site for Geocaches worldwide. Visit to look-up caches and choose where to go next!

Opencaching is another listing site, packed with some brilliant and lesser-known UK caches. Check it out!  Terracaching is yet another listing site with great caches. It's undergone an update, so the future is bright for this gem-packed cache site. 


Follow The Arrow is a superb website, now hosted by the GAGB, which offers a vast array of Geocaching resources. This includes all the help you need in hiding your first cache, and lots more. The site now feeds on to the UK Geocaching Wiki, containing just as (if not more) useful information. Be sure to check these websites to answer any pending Geocaching questions you may have!


mapRoute uses the latest 1:25K Ordnance Survey maps and being an official Geocaching Live partner app means that geocaching data is up to the second to, so no databases to maintain or potentially out of date PQs to mess about with. 


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