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Hold a CacheWalker Event 

Normally, it tends to just be us forum regulars who organise, often as a team, the famous CacheWalker events. But, in reality, any CacheWalker member is more than welcome to hold an event!

We ask you to do a few things, in order for it to classify as an official event and thus use the CacheWalker name:


  1. Please try to ensure that the date of your event won't clash with any other planned/suggested ones. You can see an overview of planned events for the year here.
  2. Please post details indicating your plans to hold a CacheWalker event on our forum: preferably on our Events board.
  3. Please try and use the CacheWalker event page format, by copying this HTML code, and filling it in to your requirements (remember to check the box "These descriptions are in HTML"). This isn't an absolute must, but it'd be great if you could do this!


A busy CW event

Now, a few tips on how to hold a GREAT CacheWalker event:

  • Take a look at the official CacheWalker event bookmark list on to see what kind of events we have successfully held before!
  • If you want to hold a social event (with no pre-event group walk) then a good tip would be to choose a suitable location, usually a pub, with a reasonable amount of room… Make sure to check with the pub that it's okay, beforehand.
  • If you want to organise an event with a pre-event group walk, make sure you choose a suitable location with plenty of room - normally a village hall or a pub function room. It should have good parking! Normally, the organiser sets a new series of caches local to the venue for the walk, which is ideal. However, if this proves too difficult, you can always plan a walk around some existing caches as not everyone will have found them. Ensure that you make it clear to reviewers that the walk ISN'T part of the event - it's a pre-event walk, so cachers don't have to go on it to log the event as 'Attended'. The event won't be published unless this is very clearly written in the description. Finally, at the venue, perhaps have a few activities for people to do, although they'll all probably be busy eating/chatting/resting anyway! 
  • If you need any more help/advice, just let us know by posting on the forum.

Thank you for your interest in holding a CacheWalker event - good luck! 


Let's go for a CacheWalker!
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