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This forum is brought to you by a dedicated team of CacheWalker members, who are listed here for your reference. None of our founder members currently manage the forum, although walktall, our Deputy Administrator, was one of the first to join after the founders. Altra, who is an experienced programmer, is also on the team, so he will oversee all technical matters on this site. The full team, and their roles, are listed below:


Administrator Griff Grof   

Griff has been caching since March 2010, and joined CacheWalker in November 2010. He will be administrating the forum. He also served on GAGB committee between 2015-17.

Deputy Administrator
walktall WT's avatar walktall has been caching since 2005. After administrating the forum for Griff Grof in 2014, walktall will now continue to act as Deputy Administrator.   
Moderator tarmacjohn WT's avatar tarmacjohn has been caching since 2008, joining CacheWalker in April 2010. He will be moderating the entire forum. 
Tech Support Altra Altra Altra has been caching since 2011, and is no novice with 200 finds under his belt. He will use his IT skills to provide support on the forum.  


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Help and Support

What do you do if you need help on these forums? Who do you contact? Find out here...

You can email to receive a quick response to any issue. If you'd rather use the forum to contact a member directly:


General IssuesPM the forum Administrator, Griff Grof 

Technical IssuesPM the forum Tech-Support, Altra 


Otherwise, ask the community on the Help and support board, or refer to the host support forums


A note from the Administrator, Griff Grof, June 2014

Welcome to CacheWalker! Thank you for taking your time to check us out! I took over as administrator on the previous CacheWalker forum, after the founder and previous admin, Bikermel76, decided to step down... after finding tons of problems with the old service, Altra and I decided to launch a new SMF forum for CacheWalker - its third incarnation. Not everyone was in favour of the move at first, but I hope that several years later it seems worth it! 

My vision for CacheWalker is simple: I want it to promote superb caching walks; secure its place as the recognised caching community for Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire; be seen as the main place for cachers of all areas to share walks and chat about caching. I want our events to remain frequent, diverse and unique in order to attract as many cachers as possible to fulfill the above. Bikermel76 really was an iconic cacher, also launching the Sidetracked series, which is now a global phenomenon - I will strive to see CacheWalker grow in her legacy, as well as for the other founder members, and the many brilliant people who form the rest of the community. 

I hope that I, along with the rest of the team, will have a lot to offer to the CacheWalker site, having already made major improvments. I aim to keep the forum running as Administrator for many more moons to come. 

Griff Grof 

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