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Long Newnton Pillbox Walk
« on: November 11, 2012, 08:50:04 pm »
4 Geocaches (3 on, 1 on TerraCaching,com)
2.5 miles

Parking: N 51 38.588 W 002 07.926
Location of first Geocache (on Terracaching): N 51 38.422 W 002 07.909

This short easy going, mostly circular walk, is over flat terrain through farmland and minor roads of Long Newnton, Gloucestershire. As well as a nice peaceful walk with a few geocaches, there are a number of WWII pillboxes that can be seen on route, a few of which are intact enough to be explored inside.

There are very few places to park in the village. I suggest to park at the coordinates above. This is a pull in / passing place just off of the road with enough room for a couple of cars. There are a few more similar pull ins, but I suggest this one as you will not be blocking any access to farm works.

The walk route:
From the suggested parking take the road south for about 300m. On the west side of the road will find the first intact pillbox you will encounter on the walk. You may enter the building from the road. The entrance is through undergrowth on the south side of the building. There is no need to enter the field behind the building, in fact you will not be able to get to the entrance that way for a barbed wire fence will stop you. Here you will be in the location of the first cache on route too, the TerraCache.

From there continue to walk south on the road for approximately another 300m, and take the footpath east into the farmland. After about another 500m you will reach another pillbox and the location of the first cache. This pillbox is in a sound state, but on last inspection was filled with such objects as rusty barbed wire from the farm, and so if you wish to explore then proceed with caution. Off of the public footpath on private ground about 350m north west there is another pillbox in a poor state.

Continue on the path for approximately another 500m. On this stretch there is one pillbox in the private woods to the north of the path, and also another cache to look for.

At the path t-junction head south. After about 600m you will reach a road. Before you reach it though there will be the last cache of the walk to look for.

At the road head west. After about 300m on the south side of the road you will find the last intact pillbox on this little walk which is in a sound state to explore and enterable from the road.

To return to your start point keep heading west on the road for about 700m to you get to the t-junction, then head north staying on the road.

This short walk I actually adapted from a slice of a 10 mile geocaching walk set out by Rothallo which takes in 37 caches. And so because of, it is quite easy to extend my short walk by about 1.5 miles to the south to take in another 4 of his caches, and to the west for about 400m to include an extra 2 caches on top of that, if you so desire. The walk can of course be done anticlockwise, but the few times I have walked it I have done clockwise as written above so that any mud picked up through the farm footpaths is lost on the road before I get back to the car.

(Note to admin. My first walk submitted, so feel free to amend format as you see fit.)

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