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Want a TB taking to Canada?


George and I are of to Canada again - this time to Banff in the Rockies next month. If anyone would like a TB taking we would be happy to do so [ but please not  those big ones you see at the events!].
Contact us by PM if you are interested.

Hi. Don't have any of my own I want to send out, but do have Hover the Hummingbird with Friend in my possession at the moment, which is very well travelled in it's relatively short life TB life. It might be nice to take it for another nice flight to add to it's impressive travels. I should really drop it off somewhere soon as had it a few days. It's only a small one. If interested in taking, then do let know a cache somewhere near you that I should drop it off at, and I'll do my best to go find if I haven't found before.

Hi - Have sent you a PM. Jenny and George

Thank you for taking that one over. It's one of a few non-owned TBs I have on my watch list now. I see it has made a couple of small, but still larger jumps than many TBs that travel around here locally, since you dropped it off. If only one of my CW Superbikes had travelled so well. Oh well...  :)


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