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The Clements Family - old geocoin records


Came across this t'other day while trying to research a new acquisition:
It covers their collection from 2006 to 2008 and helped me with info for that and 10 of my older coins.

I've seen one of those on that first page. Elementary Cache Geocoin, 1 of only 25 minted I see from the info they supply. Sadly I was the last one to see that coin. It disappeared from the cache I put it in, and it was not the only one to either :(

It's sad isn't it.  There doesn't seem to be any respect for anyone else's property these days.  We've lost 3 TB's, that I can remember, so our coins stay with us now.
On a brighter note the coin I was looking up was the silver version of this one  It was the first geocoin we found, I think, and I was dead chuffed when I picked it up on fleabay recently.


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