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Is it possible to put travel bugs on a watch list?

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Hi All - We have recently dropped of a few TB's at the Essex Mega and to save time we would like to put them on a watch/notification list - is this possible please?
We have searched the Geocache site and found a watch list for caches, but cannot seem to find a way to put TB's on one [ though as you know by now my computer skills are sadly lacking!] Many thanks for any help. Jenny [ Mrs HH]

Griff Grof:
@Hogshunters, do you mean you want to add the Essex Mega TBs to your Watchlist?

If you go onto the trackable page, see 'Trackable Options' (on the top right). Below 'Found it? Log it!' there is an option to add a TB to your watchlist.

This is the same watchlist as your cache watchlist, except once you are watching trackables it divides it into caches you are watching and trackables you are watching.

Hope this helps?  :)

Thank you very much Griff Grof - Following your instructions we still couldn't get the option to 'add to watch list' - but then realised non of the TB's have been placed in a cache yet - the cachers who retrieved them at the Essex Mega are still taking them all over the place!

We tried looking at a TB we placed  near Long Compton  yesterday and got the 'add to watch list' option - so have concluded they need to be in a cache before you can watch them! So, I think we will have to wait till the TB's we took to the Essex Mega have been put in a cache before we can put them on a 'watch list'.

In a couple of weeks we will be giving some TB's to our 3 Grandchildren for them to place in caches when we take them to Salcey Forest geo-caching, and really wanted to get the hang of the system before then!

Thanks once again for your help and quick reply. Jenny  :)

Griff Grof:
No problem  :)

It's odd as I still have the option to add a trackable to my watchlist irrespective of whether they're in a cache or not - wonder why you don't? ???

Oh - I'm probably doing it wrong!  :-[

I have put some TB's on the list that we placed in Canada last year - but the name of the cache they are in came up - not the TB - is that right?

Could you clarify what you mean by the trackable page please - I may be going onto the wrong page [ there seem to be so many options - our list of TB's, find a TB, TB log etc] Thanks Jenny.


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