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Geocoins being logged from abroad


All of a sudden three of my geocoins are being logged by cachers from various countries in Europe and I can't think why!
One of the logs did mention a TB Board, anyone know what that's about?
I've had the odd log in the past but there have been about 6 in the last two days, anyone else having this?
Cheers, H.


One of our coins was supposedly discovered at a event yesterday in America :o.Also strange that one cacher logged it four times and another cacher logged it twice.

Not had that problem for a while. It was after visiting the Giga at Munich, where one of mine got copied onto a web site and all sorts of people were discovering it >:( - I deleted them  :D

Mmmm, that's interesting wrighty.
Yes, I've been deleting them Dave and post a note explaining why the logs have been deleted.
We'll see how things progress...

Bear and Ragged:
Various groups, facebook etc., where numbers get swapped. (Supposed to be by Trackable owners who WANT virtual Discovered logs...)

Seems there are some cachers that keep an eye on newly activated Trackables, and the trackables gallery on the web site, looking for those that get the tracking number posted in a photograph.

I can see "Trackables" becoming another "Game" and no longer being part of caching, as a lot of cachers are getting fed-up with Virtual Discoveries on trackables...


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