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Re: Discover Trackables
« on: July 24, 2014, 07:18:23 pm »
was thinking the other day, trackables are unique to, there isn't an alternative scheme on any other site, right?

As B&R stated.. GeoKrety. I put one out recently, it hasn't moved yet. I actually put it out with no expectations for it to move at all considering the goal I put on it GKAC4D, but if it does move some time then well, good :) It has a travel flea attached too. Does anyone know what they are? (not a pop quiz :D )

On the original subject, not that I want to dwell on it myself, I do hope that the trackable numbers being shown for logging have all been given permission by their owners. I would be more than miffed if any of mine found there way to be internet logged.


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