Author Topic: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?  (Read 448 times)

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Re: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?
« on: July 24, 2014, 08:13:50 pm »
Thank you, but no.. well maybe, but this is good. Good in that I haven't really looked at the site properly other than logging those finds this morning, but you have shown me that there is more structure to the site then I thought. "Categories".

I was not thinking of that category, though I know a few interesting places that would fit :) More I was thinking of these two: Mines and Cave Entrances (Natural). But even more so I was thinking this... I might as well spit it out so it can be shot down now if not allowed:

Just an example:
To claim, take a photo of yourself with this particular example of ancient quarrymen drawing and writing. The coordinates take you to the exact spot, but the actual location is subterranean. You will need to research access to the quarry and plot your route under the ground to reach the correct location to find this drawing.
(only example text so you get the drift, would put a lot more detail in that that for the real thing)

So would that be allowed? If it was, I can imagine it not found, or not found often... about as rarely as an evil abanazer opencaching cave cache  :P

Don't think it fits in Mines, and Cave entrances has
Wild (unmanaged) caves with exceptional and/or delicate and unprotected decoration or threatened wildlife (e.g. bat nurseries) are excluded. Be aware that any request by a credible source inside or outside the waymarking community to the managers to archive a wild cave on the grounds that exceptional decoration or threatened wildlife exists there will be honored.

Waymarks should also include in the description any exceptional hazards that may be encountered if the cave is entered.

Which could be the exclusion...

Wonder if there is anything in the Art categories?

Might be worth a question in to see where others suggest it should go? (Sounds rude, wasn't meant to!)
They can often come up with a few not-so-obvious categories...
I have a Geocaching problem...
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