Author Topic: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?  (Read 448 times)

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Re: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?
« on: July 23, 2014, 04:08:32 pm »
Such a poor interface compared to Geocaching, I rarely use it. I've got a few waymarks to log but not sure if I can be bothered :o

@walktall, I agree. I had a look at it earlier, and it is definitely no where near as good. I have one to log, but, again, I don't feel invited by the website to do so  :D

@Bear and Ragged that's interesting, I seem to remember you mentioning that on another thread now.
Impressive stats too! I do think it's ironic how GS partly grandfathered virtuals due to their downgrading quality - but yet on Waymarking you can turn McDonald's into Waymarks... is this still the case B&R?

I think Waymarking has to join Geocaching in order for people to take it up. I think the majority of people don't realise their membership is valid across all three sites. I would cut Waymarking and simply reinstate all Virtual cache types, which would please the community and put GS in people's good books for finally listening to the demand.

B&R, do your Waymarks get logged often, are there many active Waymarkers?

What does everyone else think  ???
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