Author Topic: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?  (Read 448 times)

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Re: Will Waymarking merge back with Geocaching?
« on: July 23, 2014, 01:00:44 pm »
Earth Caches DID go to Waymarking.
The GSA group that sponsors Earthcacheing complained, and GS moved them back!

The Waymarking site was (if I remember correctly) supposed to be a trial for the  new Geocaching 2 website.
But as GS have never taken any notice of feedback from the users... (Where have we heard that before  ::))

Main request PQ's for Waymarks. Never materialised!
(Yes, there are very basic PQ's, but need to be done on a page by page basis, or waymark by waymark basis...

Yes, I do a bit of Waymarking.  ;D
Mostly posting them.

It's not all McD's, the active waymarkers seem to be getting away from the 'Commercial' waymarks- read the forums, when things get discussed prior to going to Peer Review- and getting more towards what (I consider) to be more towards the old 'Locationless Caches' of Groundspeak yesteryear.

Things may have 'taken off' better for Waymarking if GS had included the statistics -Visits and Posting- (somehow) into the Caching side of things.

Maybe the real question is: Does Waymarking want to join Geocaching?
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I have a Geocaching problem...
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