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Re: What's wrong with
« on: September 20, 2015, 09:25:29 am »
Hi All

So so sorry I didn't reply to all your responses yesterday, but every time I pressed the 'reply' button it told me the web page was unavailable - so frustrating - the computer came very close to being thrown out of the window! Today I switched on and at the second attempt it worked fine - I am having this problem with lots of sites that I regularly use - couldn't access bank account/Amazon or yesterday at all.

Walktall - apologies I meant to write - when I wrote the original post I knew it looked wrong, but couldn't figure out what I had done wrong - think they call it a senior moment + extreme frustration at the computer - B&R realised I had written the wrong thing!  :-[.

I am so frustrated with the whole of Windows 10 I am going to take the computer to my son to have it uninstalled, so many things aren't working correctly its driving me totally insane. So a warning to people who want to accept Windows 10 onto their computers there are several people we have talked to since our problems that have had so many gliches with it so be prepared. Probably not a problem if you are computer savvy, but non-computer people like me could be in for lots of trouble! So sorry for my moaning, just so frustrated with it all - will try to be happier next time I post  ;). Thanks all for your advice Jenny.


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