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Re: Virtual Rewards
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:01:39 pm »
For me, this was a surprising announcement.

Who remembers when Groundspeak introduced 'Geocaching Challenges' back in 2011? They had launched a feedback centre (or something like that) in 2010/11 and someone asked to bring back Virtual caches. If I remember rightly, you had to vote for the ideas you liked. That idea got an unbelievable number of votes in a very short period of time. GS had to act. But they didn't bring back Virtuals - they brought in 'Challenges', completely separate to geocaching but on the same site. In other words, they didn't add to your find count.

There was outrage as people asked for Virtuals and GS gave them something completely different! Eventually, I recall that they had to shut down the feedback site due to the uproar  ::) :o - and eventually they did "retire" Geocaching Challenges. But they didn't bring back Virtuals to replace them.

We've had loads of threads and polls on this forum (including the last poll) where we expressed a desire to see Virtuals return. I really didn't think it'd happen - I didn't think GS would go back on their word. They didn't then so I thought they wouldn't now.

But 'Virtual Rewards' brings them back in a controlled way. There'll be up to 4000 new Virtuals by August 2018. Maybe this shows GS is finally listening to the community? After so many years, they've thought that it's time to give us what so many of us want - new Virtuals. Does this mark a new (welcome) direction for GS as a company? A community-driven business?

I don't know what algorithm they used to determine the 1%. I read elsewhere that all the reviewers have been selected - what are the chances that they'd all be chosen?!  :D Obviously there are thousands who should be placing Virtuals as well. But I do think this avoids the issue of poor quality, pointless Virtuals (hopefully).

Will they come back properly? Is this just GS's way to stop everyone complaining as they can say "we did that"? Only time will tell. I hope they do come back full-time for all, in which case they could be quality controlled by reviewers (like Earthcaches - if they don't make the cut, they don't get published)... why haven't they thought of that?

For now, I'm just happy that we're seeing some new Virtuals - let's hope some pop up nearby  ;D

What's your view?
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