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Re: Today
« Reply #45 on: June 04, 2013, 09:10:11 am »
A short break to Kent took in three more LQ's so now up to 36/48.

LQ:ESSEX - West Wood Ho! (GC15349)
LQ:KENT - Granny's Island (GC15GTW)

Picked up a rare webcam cache on route:

leaning on a the lamp post (GCMW01)

Also picked up 6 more virtual caches, helped by a detour to Oxford on the way home.
ZonePet2 - Silver Machine (GCHW82)
Overview (Kent) (GCA2FA)
University Challenge 5 (munch munch) (GCHXGP)
University Challenge 7 (Sizzle Sizzle) (GCJ170)
University Challenge 10 (Stomp Stomp) (GCJ1C7)
Swing Low (GCK57Z)

Unlike walktall I didn't go for the very close by D1/T5 cache, despite it being one of the two squares missing off my D/T grid, I must say I was tempted though... maybe another time...


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