Author Topic: Placing caches for the sake of it  (Read 62 times)

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Re: Placing caches for the sake of it
« on: November 27, 2013, 10:14:43 pm »
This is what I started thinking about on my walk way home... The wording is very basic, but written out just to throw the idea out there. Pick at it, laugh at it and throw it away, or make it better, as you chose.

"The CacheWalker Rating System"
Let CO's know how you feel about their cache easily. Help point them in the right direction to think about cache locations and container sizes for future hides, without having to carefully word negative comments for online logs.

Rate each cache you log using the following guide which contains four topics. Lowest score is 0, maximum score is 10. The default line at the bottom of your online find log will read something like:

"I personally give this cache x out of 10 on the CacheWalker Rating scale.", where 'CacheWalker' would contain a link to a page on here somewhere containing something like the following:

The CacheWalker Rating

The Container
0 Nano, micro 35mm.
1 Very small, but interesting container, e.g. a fake plant, fake sign etc.
2 Small to regular.
3 Large cache or something unique, home made.

The final hide location and / or location of waypoints to visit to get to final
0 Why place here? The location was horrid.
1 Why place here? Nothing special to see.
2 Interesting place or feature highlighted.
3 Fantastic view / very special or unique place.

The route to the cache
0 Cache and dash.
1 A short but pleasant walk.
2 A long walk.
3 Rewarding hike / climb / boat trip / swim etc.

The X Factor The CW Factor i.e. the cache has something truly special about it
0 It does not have the CW Factor.
1 It does have the CW Factor.

Total score meaning guide:
0 The caching community will not miss this cache. Archiving is the kindest course of action.
1 to 2 Below average.
3 to 5 Average.
6 to 7 Above average.
8 to 9 Almost perfect.
10 If all caches were like this, what a wonderful world this would be.
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