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Re: November
« on: December 02, 2016, 11:19:37 am »
November was a fairly standard month for us, a cache a everyday with a few better days...

The 6th saw us attending the excellent GIFF event in Barnwood, we had the company of Sophie (starlemusique) from Worcester, and after the show cakes, coffe and natter we went an found a few local caches before heading back North over the border.

We did a super Multi on the 7th, a lovely crisp and sunny Winters morning, Kellys Heros - GC6MX95, part of a very good "film" series just North of us.

The 12th, 13th and 14th saw us travelling up to the NEC to spend all day at the Classic Car Show, we picked easy driveby's near Ragley Hall (Warwicks) on the way.

H went alone to look for GCCFQB - UK Mega 2013 - Worcestershire on the 17th that has eluded us for ages.  It's taken so long due to half the co-ords being on a TB that was taken out of the county despite the large label asking cachers not to!  It turned out to be interesting due to the meeting with an old chap who lives in tents nearby...

We were over near Mansfield on the 19th for a friends Golden Wedding celebration, we took the opportunity to pick up 8 CM's on the way, nothing special and it was a cold and grey day so we didn't try too hard!

The 21st was a day of heavy rain, a C&D was in order but the cache was apparently missing!  H had to detour to find another one so got wet twice!

Monthly total was 43 caches, 36 Trads, 4 Multi's, 2 ?'s and 1 Event.  10 were CM's and we had one DNF that was replaced very quickly that we found a few days later.  Location wise 27 were in Worcs, 4 in Gloucs, 4 in Warwicks, 4 in Notts and 4 in Derbys.
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