Author Topic: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak  (Read 163 times)

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Re: Munzees in caches, and Groundspeak
« on: September 03, 2013, 10:51:15 pm »
I munzee too, but very very little. I have only a few captures and still am on level 1, so that shows you how little I have done. I have a few social captures too. Other than that I have not read through all documentation for the game, so thank you Bear and Ragged for explaining the UTL function and how it can be used.

I am Gackt on any location based games I play, so I would have the same problem, but it wouldn't faze me to do if I believed I was in the right. That said, I haven't seen any munzees placed in other peoples caches yet. I have seen one in an opencaching cache, but both the cache and the munzee were owned by the same person, so no problems there.

It's probably a very low possibility that I will come across this situation. I have kept the munzee app on my phone for times when I might find myself somewhere with no caches, just so I can look to see if there is something else I can look for. I haven't been inspired by any munzee hides yet. Certainly not the latest little bunch that has just been placed in my home town of Cirencester. The only good thing I can see about those new ones is that if I do choose to do them I can piggyback off the Little Chef free wifi instead of using some of contracted data  :D


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