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Re: Interesting developements...
« on: June 14, 2014, 06:28:11 pm »
Thank you for that B&R. We talked about this at the Splash Mob event to day; TJ mentioned it to me as I hadn't heard about it.

Very sad, Deceangi has done some excellent work for the caching community and I think it's GS loose he has gone :(

Yes, thanks for posting this here B&R. I too was saddened when I heard TJ say this.

I think Deci's enthusiasm really did do brilliance for our UK community, he has organised the UK Mega account tender process since Harrogate, and he has really got involved with local caching groups, I believe he posted a couple of times on our old forum.

And I agree about GS losing such a great reviewer.
I really do agree with him with regards to GS heading in the way of corporate companies  :(
I really, really do hope GS can start listening to us and remind themselves of the hobby that is keeping their company alive - it is unreasonable to upset people over their own hobby.  :(

What do you think GS will do, now that Deci has brought his experiences to our attention ???
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