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Re: Geocaching Year in Review Video
« on: January 10, 2013, 08:04:25 am »
Yes, I watched it  :)

It all seemed a bit cheesy, and as you said walk tall, there was no mention of Wherigo or challenges   :o I think they have decided to leave Wherigo in beta forever  :-\

I'd like to see Virtual caches back this year, or FULL INTEGRATION of Waymarking into Gecaching, or vice versa. They won't do that though. A year from now, we'll be looking at more new logging icons, a new look website, and who knows what else  :-\

I was surprised by how many caches were logged, too! 2012 was a great year for caching, and it's easy to forget all that went on like Leap Day and International Geocaching Day.

Cache #2,000,000 to be published THIS year  ;D Will you be getting the FTF, walk tall?  :D

And maybe, who knows, this time next year we could have virtual caches!
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