Author Topic: Geocaching Facebook Groups - Why?  (Read 411 times)

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Re: Geocaching Facebook Groups - Why?
« on: December 12, 2012, 07:44:42 pm »
Phew.. I thought it was only just me who prefers the forum format  :o

You're right about coming up with clever ideas...  But sometimes the mind just goes blank - then you hand it over to the members, like we've done on here, and there aren't any suggestions - either we've got it bang on right, or everyone's too nice to say we're doing something wrong  ::) I suppose there's a lot of things forums have that Facebook doesn't, anyway - like boards, categories, stats, gallery, calendar, moderating system (the one on this site is very good) HUGE amount of customization (you should see all the hundreds of options and code-to-alter at CacheWalker Admin Towers  ;) ) - Facebook, does, indeed, lack all of these... and as Forum admins get brainwaves to develop new features, forums can grow in popularity, beyond Facebook. And hopefully they will. I think a key part to getting a forum to grow is advertising - something I did a lot off when this new, third incarnation of the forum opened up  :)

It's good to see your one really taking off now  ;D I think that both sites are working well 'parallel' to eachother  :) Boo Facebook!  :D
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