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« on: January 13, 2014, 04:44:55 pm »
Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this.

I've hidden 72 caches, most of which are my Westcote Wander and Snowshill Scramble loops, and found 1600.

Often I get the urge to just send them all for adoption as maintenance is a constant issue. But I think there's nothing more satisfying than being a cache owner, especially if your caches are good hides in nice areas. As a cache owner, I've read many logs that have put a smile on my face and my caches have accumulated 440 favourite points. So you could argue that you benefit more from hiding; you're making peoples' days - and the process involves you walking routes you know are nice.

But, on the other hand, being a cache owner of so many caches does take so much time away from finding; I would probably be a good 200-300 finds (at least) greater without all the hassle of planning and maintaining. Finding is the point of the game, you visit new areas and experience new things. It's why we do Geocaching - it's great fun!

So this is where I am: I have found 44 caches so far this year. I could have gone yesterday/Saturday but I was far too overloaded with assignments  :( I did say I was going to focus on finding this year to try to get to push to 2500... BUT I've chosen a route, a little out of area, but not too far either, ready to place a new series. I believe it's a good enough route to completely blow WW and SS out of the picture, and I've got some very exciting ideas for the caches... My third solo series has been a long time coming! I believe I made a mistake releasing SS in the winter, therefore I'd send them for review late July.

Can you enjoy Geocaching as much if you're just finding - or do you need to hide too - which do YOU think is better? I'm currently undecided.
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