Author Topic: Did I do the right thing?  (Read 208 times)

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Re: Did I do the right thing?
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:06:17 pm »
mmmm yes the original cache we had for Lynches wood bottom was literally on the edge of the footpath. You could stand on the path and grab it about 2ft away. ok it was a pretty tough hide, but it did stand out where it was resting. The whole area for (and no exaggeration) for a good 20ft around and even up the other side of the bank was trampled. I went up first to check, and then took Joachim who had made the cache himself, a day or so later, he was really upset. 2 cachers had contacted us directly to inform us of what had happened, hence the removal. Otherwise it may have been there longer and more damage done. I would say contact the cache owner directly.
on another note, as with the case on a few of our other fiendish caches, there were I think 10 more FOUND IT logs on line than actual signatures on the logbook!!!! The cachers were emailed to ask what the hide was... you can guess the answer! The logs were deleted rather swiftly.


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