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Re: Caching with cattle stories
« on: April 22, 2012, 04:53:40 pm »
I had never had trouble with them, until about two years ago. We were caching, just walking through a normal field. There were cows about 200 yards away, and as we walked pass a rambler laughed at us, and said "run for you money".

I turned around, and there were 25 bullocks charging towards us. I know you should never run when cattle charge at you, but we did. We had to jump into a running stream to get a way from them. When we were on the other side, we were astonished to see them all jump into the stream. We got out just in time, from being trampled  ::)

When I got home, I looked up some laws. I found that what the farmer was doing was illegal - bullocks less than 12 months are not to be kept along public right of ways, and they were very young - it is no doubt that the farm had no online contact references to talk to them about it.

Fast forward two years, and to last Sunday. First time in a field of cattle since then, having planned all caching trips and walks pacifically not to include cattle fields. We were crossing, yet again, through a normal field. The sun was out, and the cattle were simply resting under the sun, not bothered by anyone or anything. Just as we were approaching the kissing gate, one of the cows stood up. Then another, and another, and another. Why had we risked it? I knew that we needed to stay calm, so we kept on walking, with the end of the field in sight. Then they started charging towards us. I decided not to run, but to speed walk  :D Thankfully they suddenly stopped about 10 meters from us, and we walked through the kissing gate with safety.

Will it be another two years before I can face going through another cattle field? Well, I went through one today, and it was fine. So no, after all, it is all part of being in the countryside - but for some reason, cows always charge at us. Distant memories of having a picnic, and seeing a herd of them charging over the horizon  :-\ - the odd thing is we never bother them, and we don't currently have dogs  :o
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