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Re: Adventure Lab
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2020, 09:44:22 am »
Good to hear they trying to integrate them more onto the main GC site.

I personally donít mind the requirement to use the app... itís just one of many cache types.

The only problem with only available on the app is that you have to have an internet connection on your mobile. Last night was a classic example on a FTF hunt. I found a cache ( near Elmley Castle (south of Evesham) and I like to log the find with a quick FTF FLTF, so others can see its been found but I had no internet on my mobile; I wouldn't call where I was "in the back & beyond". I wonder what areas of the UK will be no go areas for AL's :o

 A GPX download for Labs would solve this issue (hang on they use to have this!) and you log them when you have a connection again.

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