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Re: Adventure Lab
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2020, 12:54:59 pm »
Still don't like how they are treated differently to other caches and now no GPX file either :(

HQ have said that theyíll be on the main geocaching map by the end of this year. They also said that itíll be easier to find caches and complete ALs at the same time - so I assume that the Lab app will show caches, and vice versa (maybe tapping on a cache in the lab app will switch you to the geocaching app).

But I agree - even if they do that, thereís still a long way to go. Why canít their name be listed on the GC website leaderboard (it just says ďAdventure Lab cacheĒ for each stage)? Why canít they show up in your list of finds (clicking on the name could just send you to the app download page)? Why canít their size be listed as Ďvirtualí, or simply Ďotherí? Why canít the CO give a D/T rating for each stage?

I personally donít mind the requirement to use the app... itís just one of many cache types.

One thing that also annoys me, which isnít HQís fault, is that Project-GC doesnít count labs (unless you pay). I understood this when they were exclusive to big events, but there are thousands of permanent Adventure Lab stages across the world now. So, surely they should treat them as a normal cache type?
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