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Re: Adventure Lab
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:17:32 pm »
I chatted with Will about his Labs in Tewkesbury and he said he ran out of time, not helped by a couple of locations had dodgy mobile signal, so had to change them.

I can understand making the Labs so they can't be done from the arm chair but I thought a frustration with the London GAGB ones, was that you had to do them in order which wasn't clear and people only found out when they tried to start in the wrong location. Has this now been turned off, as I saw there was talk about it?

How many locations will not be able to have these Adventure Lab caches due to poor mobile coverage or you have the wrong mobile provider, so can't do them :(

PS I wanted to try something out, so deleted my find on one of the Tewkesbury Labs but all you do is delete the find from your list, it stays as found in the app so you can't refind it and stays off your list of found :o :(

PPS I see Will has added another lab (security) cache since I did them, as it is possible to do the original four from home :o
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