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Re: Adventure Lab
« on: May 03, 2019, 05:43:13 pm »
Yes, there was a time limit/deadline - originally it was so, so tight (something like 5 weeks) so a lot of people wrote in and they extended it to April 26th.

The main problem with the London one is frustruation surrounding the very specific questions - the cacher who set it for GAGB also set the Nottingham one, which was logged by a lot of people without visiting the location as the answers were easily found on Google/Google Maps... so the questions were made more challenging to avoid this.

Another problem Iíve seen (with the new West Mids industrial revolution one) is cachers asking what the D/T ratings are - these are physical containers, and obviously the Adventure Lab app gives zero indication of D/T...

Why canít Labs have D/T ratings? Why canít they have cache sizes? If youíre placing them out for months, or even permanently, they should... theyíre no longer temporary, as per Megaís!

Also, if Groundspeak had such a problem with Virtuals, why are they suddenly allowing the placement of Virtuals in this form? Donít the same issues still exist? Worse - Virtual Labs arenít even reviewed!  ::) :o :D

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