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Re: 12 Years of Geocaching
« on: April 29, 2012, 07:14:55 pm »
Ah, yes the good 'ole days  ;D

Didn't attend a 10 Years! event though  :o The weekend that they were held on was during the time when I was very new, and unsure of Geocaching, with only about 40 finds. Back then, I didn't know what an event was, and so when I saw the 10 Year! icon in Stratford, on the map, and thought it was a special cache type.

Set out later, and began our search for the cache. It was the day after the event itself in Stratford, and there were some cupcake wrappers on the floor, and in the bushes  :o Thought it was typical litter, so picked it up, and kept on searching. We searched every tree inside out, and back to front looking for the cache. Of course, events are listed as "Not chosen" and without a hint (normally, well this one was) so we just thought it was a really well hidden cache, and spent another HOUR searching. Where was that cache?  ???

After about 2 hours (not joking) of searching, we gave up. Several months later, I realised what the icon was, and wished I had been to the event - missed out on a once in a lifetime icon there - thanks to being a newbie  :'(

Similar thing happened when I had only found 4 caches. I didn't know what a multi cache was, and this one I was looking for was "The wool trade - Snowshill". I thought it was just a typical cache, so parked in the car park at Snowshill (where the multi was listed) and there was one rather annoying was that this (being a multi) did have a hint - base of hollow tree. And guess what? As you know, there is a hollow tree at one end of the car park! Spent 45 minutes looking, and nothing.  ::)

So, the good 'ole days were really bad 'ole days since I was a newbie and knew nothing  :D
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