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Locationless Caches
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:04:54 pm »
Locationless Caches

Terracaching LC - Coordinate Palindromes

What is a Locationless Cache?
A Locationless Cache (LC), typically challenges you to find a particular object and log your find by posting the coordinates.

Some LCs require you do a little more to claim your find, for example post a photograph of yourself, or of your GPSr, at the location to help prove you physically visited the location.

To add an extra element of difficulty to obtain a find, some COs include an additional twist to the 'little extra'. An example could be "Find a street sign with a colour in the name, e.g. Caches Green. Take a photo of yourself by the street sign wearing an item of clothing of the same colour." ...some include much harder challenges.

What I like about Locationless Caches
I was a relatively latecomer to Geocaching, discovering the activity ten years to the month after the first ever one was placed. As with many people, after just a few finds it became vey addictive. Every time that I found myself visiting an out of town location I would look up Geocaches to hunt down.

After a few months of playing this game I began to learn of other geocaching hosting sites, some of which hosted related games, for example Some had LCs listed, and this became an additional work lunchtime activity for me when there were no new physical caches close by to hunt down.

LCs, as Geocaching did near the start for me, now form part of my way of life. If I am visiting a new area I will check the listings to see if I can grab a find that I ordinarily would not be able to near home. I am also mindful of the vast amount of listings I have perused, and have a different way of looking at my surroundings to see if I can spot criteria for logging an LC whilst out and about my normal daily life. Like Geocaching, Locationless Caching has taken me to places, shown me things, and made me do things I would maybe of never have seen or done, otherwise.

Terracaching LC - Have you hugged your body artist lately?

Where can I find Locationless Caches to go hunt?
LCs have not been a type of cache available on for many years. You will need look at other hosting sites to join in this fun activity. Here are a few: – Groundspeak’s site dedicated just to LCs. You can log in using your existing account. – Over 1000 active and mostly unique LCs available to hunt, as well as other hosted cache types like Traditionals and Cybers. They a have points systems to add an additional element of fun and to help keep general quality high, and leaderboards. – Australia’s own all-in-one cache listing site, but available to the world to play. In amongst its plethora of hosted cache types are hundreds of LCs of varying quality.

Want to try finding a Locationless Cache right now?
We have one hosted right HERE, so you can start straight away without leaving this site  :)

If you haven't tried Locationless Caching before, I recommend you do give it a try. Let us know how you get on below :)

Have fun!
V Gackt V

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